International Nursing Summer School (INSS) is an International program that organized by Nursing Student Union (HIMIKA), School of Nursing, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia since 2014, that make INSS UMY become the first International Nursing Summer School in Indonesia. INSS would combine educational, cultural, and social program which would prepare nursing student in case Today’s global economy demans graduate with a global prespective. Student would benefit grealtly by developing their skills, knowledge and experience on problem base learning program, real case application, real community practicecombined with Islamic value application which give students a new challange about how to develop new evidence base practice on Nursing.


Since it started from 2014, International Nursing Summer School (INSS) already done 4th times (5th times this year) and had the different theme each years :

1. 1st INSS 2014

The first INSS is held in 2014 with theme “Integrate the Implementation of Complementary Therapy through Cultural Diversity Towards a Better Quality in Nursing Care”

2. 2nd INSS 2015

The 2nd INSS is held at June 1st – 14th 2015 with theme “Increase the quality of Nursing Care through The Developing Of Evidence Based Practice and Islamic Value on Diabetic

3. 3rd INSS 2016

The third INSS is held at August 8th – 21st 2016 with theme “Community Enhancement Throught the Developing of Islamic Value Based Practice and Holistic Nursing Care :cupping”

4. 4th INSS 2017

The 4th INSS is held at August 7th – 20th 2017 with theme “Nrimo Ing Pandum : Javanese Culture and Enhancement of Elderly Quality of Life”